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Princess Diana, The Musical

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Love at the Cafe

Love! At the Cafe! Review Colloge
_Love! At the Cafe review 11.25.2015

You’re MATH-errific

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“Get Your Children Ahead This Summer With Fun Math Songs!”

Song: We’re So Unhappy With Our Leaders

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Return of the Political Ditty We’re So Unhappy With Our Leaders

Song: You’re Coming Home at Last

For Memorial Day weekend, songwriter Karen Sokolof Javitch of Omaha has sent copies of her latest song to hundreds of radio stations – and is neither soliciting nor accepting royalties.

“You’re Coming Home at Last” is sung by the Maynard Triplets of Omaha, who appeared on “American Idol.” Instrumentals are led by Chuck Penington, a member of Mannheim Steamroller.

“I wrote the song,” Karen said, “to honor the unseen heroes who fight for our freedom around the world, to let them know they are not alone.”

From Generation to Generation

Karen Sokolof Javitch has written a family musical, “From Generation to Generation,” now at the Jewish Community Center Theater.

“Generation” is an unabashedly sentimental play with universal themes. A grandmother, eagerly awaiting the birth of her first granddaughter, is dying of cancer. A cheerful person, she decides to tape an “ethical will,” a summary of her own wisdom and advice, for the beloved grandchild she may never know.

This may sound depressing, but the grandmother, Rose Lieberman, is an irrepressible optimist and is beautifully presented in a larger-than-life manner by Myrna Robbins. “I want to leave something more than a gold bracelet or some IBM stock,” Rose says to her Rabbi. “I want to know I’ve made a difference.”

The musical weaves in events in Rose’s family history and Jewish history from shtetl life in Russia to the Holocaust to the Six-Day War in Israel. Added to the mix are the memories of a mission to Israel and a hope that Rose’s unborn granddaughter will not only go to Israel on a teen trip, but will carry “The Light of Torah,” one of the musical’s inspiring songs. Interspersed are funny songs, like “I Love to Kvetch” and “Golda,” moving songs like “Soldier Song,” and sad songs, like “So Quickly.”

This sparkling musical features many memorable numbers during its twohour length, some touching moments, an able cast, including eight youngsters, and dialogue that rings true and is frequently very funny.

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